• All Final Seedings lock in by Midnight Friday, November 1st
  • Any Correction Requests must be emailed to Sean@theleaguema.com
  • No correction requests can be made after 11/1/20
  • Please note, due to League Rules (see page 19, Qualifying for League Finals: http://theleaguema.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019LEAGUERulebook.pdf) the following Conferences did not report their full event results therefore the highest seed a player may obtain is a #3 seed: Florida, Atlanta, Washington DC, Rhode Island, South Carolina

2020 Northern California Triple Crown Race: Triple Crown Ratings 2020 (as of 01.21.20)

Northern California Conference Point Ratings: Northern California Conference (as of 01.21.20)

Nevada Conference:

Florida Conference:

Atlanta Conference: 

Pacific (Hawaiian Islands) Conference: Pacific Conference Point Ratings (as of 01.01.20)

Lone Star Conference:

El Paso Rio Grande Conference: 

Great Salt Lake Conference Point Ratings:

Southern California Conference:

Washington DC Conference: 

New England Conference:

South Carolina Conference: 

Rhode Island Conference:





Each Conference will display a Minimum Qualifying Point Total which is the Point Total needed to qualify for a Seed in the WORLD LEAGUE FINALS in October, 2019.