What time does the tournament start?

Each LEAGUE event may decide to operate their divisions at different times. Although typically, all traditional katas, weapon katas, open/musical katas, continuous sparring & first timer divisions begins promptly at 9am. Point sparring will begin typically around 1030am.

Can I still register?

Door registration will be available up until 11am on the day of the event. After that time, we will no longer accept any door registration. If you pre-registered, you can come to the tournament at anytime, just make sure you come at least an hour before your division starts. Be advised, you will be subject to higher at-the-door registration fees if you register on the day of the event

Where do I go when I arrive?

  • When you arrive at the Tournament you first want to pick up your Competitor Bands.
  • If you Pre-Registered (mailed your registration form) then you want to get in the Pre-Reg line. You will give the LEAGUE Staff member your last name and they will retrieve your Competitor Bands and Spectator bands (if purchased). If you did not purchase a spectator band when you pre-registered and would like to purchase one/or additional bands, you will need to get in the At-The-Door registration line to purchase.
  • If you are signing up to compete At-The-Door, you first want to grab a Registration Form and fill out the pertinent information to compete (name, address, division, waiver signature, etc). When all your paperwork is complete, get in line and complete to registration process.
  • Please allow time for long lines and delays and please come early. If you are one of the first divisions to compete, please arrive an hour early.

What time will I compete?

  • While there is NO EXACT time that can be given as far as what time a particular division will run we can tell you two things that can help determine an APPROXIMATE competition time.
  • The LEAGUE has Ring Assignments that you may download from each Event Page prior to the event (if available) OR you can grab a Ring Assignment that will be available at the Front Registration on the day of the event. Each division has an assigned ring and divisions will be thoroughly operated in the order listed on the Ring Assignments.

All CHINESE STYLE DIVISIONS, TEAM SPARRING, CONTINUOUS SPARRING, and FIRST TIMERS Divisions will begin at 9a.m. If you signed up for any of these divisions be sure you are in your assigned Ring by 9am.

What if I signed up for multiple divisions and I’m in different rings?

A division will NOT be held up to wait for a competitor competing in multiple divisions to finish their form in another Ring. If a competitor signs up for multiple divisions and their division in running at the same time in different rings, it is the competitors responsibility to have their equipment (martial arts attire, weapons,etc) prepared and ready to go. A competitor has 2 minutes to show up before they are officially disqualified from a division if they do not show up when called to perform by the Ring Coordinator. NO REFUNDS will be given.

What divisions go first?

Junior Kata Divisions, Chinese Martial Arts divisions, Continuous Sparring, Team Sparring and First Timers Forms always operate first. Adult Katas and Junior Sparring typically begin about mid morning (1030am). Teen Sparring and Adult Sparring typically begin about early afternoon (12noon).


There is NO ONLINE REGISTRATION for Northern California League events in 2016. We apologize for the inconvenience. Pre Registration will be MAIL IN ONLY. Please plan ahead and send in your registrations accordingly to meet date deadlines.

Is there Grand Champion Divisions this tournament?

There will be GRAND CHAMPION divisions at all LEAGUE tournaments. Grandchampion runoffs will run as each age level and bracket is finish. Remember, competitors earn an additional 20points in Divisional Points if they win an Overall Grand Champion Award at any Conference Event.