The New 2022 Year will bring about some subtle divisional changes to the League Divisions starting in January. Below you will find some of the additions/changes to the League Divisional Listing: 

  • JUNIOR CONTINUOUS SPARRING: Continuous Sparring is back! The League has brought back the popular division with two weight classes in each two-year age categories (7rs-, 8-9yrs, 10-11yrs, 12-13yrs, 14-15yrs, & 16-17yrs). New guidelines will govern this division, including Body Targeting only (No Head Shots) in this semi-contact division. The division will remain a two round, one minute each round fight, with three judges using the 10/9 must scoring system to determine the winner of the fight. Closed fingered gloves are mandatory. Get your best combos together and gear up your continuous fighters for 2022!!
  • JUNIOR TAG TEAM SPARRING: This new, quirky team sparring division involves two fighters tagging in and out in a 2:30 minute round versus an opposing team with highest scoring team winning the matchup. Much like tag team wrestling, tags can occur at any point during the match and any body contact between two team members constitutes as a tag. The tagging strategy and swift team work of two fighters is fun to watch and fun to be apart of. Get your best duos together for the new season and win the 2022 Tag Team Titles!!!!
  • NEW SYNCHRONIZED TEAM KATAS AGE CATEGORIES: Age categories for Synchronized Traditional Team Katas & Synchronized Creative Team Katas have been divided up to the following age categories (9yrs-, 10-13yrs, 14-17yrs, 18yrs+) for the new season! Get your best Kata Duo or Kata Trio and win a title in unison with Team Synchronized Katas!
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