2022 LEAGUE Rulebook – 10.27.21 [CLICK HERE]

The below Rule Changes will take into effect in January 2022. All Players/Coaches are responsible to adhering to the following: 


  • [Rank Rule – Transferring Participation Points Only: Page 3] 

A competitor who promotes to a higher rank mid-season must compete in the higher ranked division. Any participation points accumulated previous to their rank promotion can be transferred to the new division. Placing points (1st/2nd/3rd place) cannot be transferred. [10.27.21] 

  • [Sparring Equipment Timeouts – Resume Fight At Last Positioned Spot Before Stoppage: Page 6]

If there are any Sparring Equipment Adjustment timeouts during live action play, then center referee will (1) call for stoppage (2) center referee will fix/adjust gear (3) players will be positioned in the ring where they were at last before stoppage was called. [4] Fight will resume on Center Referee’s command.  [10.28.21]

  • [Hands On Ground- No Point Counted For Techniques With Hand On Floor: Page 9]

If a player has a hand(s) touching the floor while kicking (i.e. supporting balance hands for execution for a kick) that is deemed ground fighting and no points by the falling player can be counted. The match will continue exactly where the fighters are positioned in the ring of play before the initial stoppage. [10.28.21]

  • [Penalty & Point Scoring Rule: Page 11]

A player cannot receive both a Penalty Score and Punch/Kick Score within one fighting segment. If Player A gets called for an Exit and Player B also scores a blitz soonafter, then Player B only receives the Penalty Score (for Player A’s Exit Penalty). The only exception is if Player A gets called for an unsportmanlike conduct penalty or excessive contact penalty and Player B scores a point. [10.28.21]

  • [Continuous Sparring- Body Shots Only: Page 11]

The head is no longer a legal target. All punches and kicks are to be aimed to the body only. Any punches/kicks aimed to the head will result in a penalty warning. 2 penalty warnings will result in a deduction of 1 point off of each judge’s round scorecard. An additional point will be deducted for every head penalty thereafter in the round. [10.28.21]

  • [Katas Stepping Out Of Ring- No Stepping Out Whatsoever Regardless of Official Request: Page 16]

Any player stepping out of the ring will have a deduction marked off of each referee’s scorecard at each judge’s discretion under the ‘control’ aspect on the kata score sheet. Even at the request of a competitor, no stepping out of the ring is allowed. [10.28.21]

  • [Maximum Number of Team Members in Synchronized Katas: Page 17]

 No more than 3 members are allowed per Synchronized Team. [10.31.21]

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