The Empower Hour Series is a FREE Distance Learning Opportunity arranged by The League for martial artist athletes. Championed Competitors and Coaches in the martial arts industry donate their Time, Knowledge, and Inspiration to EMPOWER those who are hungry and eager to LEARN, GROW, and BECOME EMPOWERED! 

Using the Zoom Online Application, Martial Art Coaches conduct hour long group workouts with attendees. You can RSVP for any one of the listed training workouts by emailing us at

Below is the upcoming 2020 Empower Hour Series Schedule:

  • Saturday, May 2nd @1pm: Extreme Form Combinations & Basics w/ Mason Allen 

  • Saturday, May 9th @10am: Point Sparring w/ Drew Beatty & Kayla Miyamoto 

  • Saturday, May 30th @10am: Extreme Forms w/ Josh Durbin 

  • Saturday, June 6th @10am: Point Sparring w/ Osvaldo Arellano & Quinland Pastor 

  • Saturday, June 20th @10am: Point Sparring w/ Mike Pombeiro

  • Saturday, June 27th @10am: Extreme Forms w/ Paige Bantum & Trace Megellas

  • Saturday, July 11th @10am PST: Point Sparring w/ Pao Serafico

  • Sunday, July 19th @1pm PST: Extreme Forms w/ Dylan Joseph

  • Saturday, July 25th @10am PST: Point Sparring w/ Alex Mancillas

  • Saturday, Aug 1st @10am PST: Extreme Forms w/ Kodi Molina








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