The League would like to proudly announce that it has teamed up with WAKO USA in the 2019 season!!
WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) was founded in 1976 and has headquarters in Italy. It is the largest unified kickboxing organization in the world. WAKO offers 7 different styles of competition fighting and one aspect they feature is Point Fighting. Just this past November WAKO was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
With this partnership The LEAGUE will offer official WAKO Weight Class Divisions at the WESTERN STATES NATIONALS & WAKO WEST COAST REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS on Saturday, August 24th.
Competing in the WAKO Divisions will be terrific opportunity for competitors to get used to the International WAKO fighting rules (which for the most part contains the same rules as The LEAGUE with only subtle differences). It will also give competitors yet another opportunity to squeeze in another type of fighting division to their tournament experience.
All competitors who sign up for the WAKO Sparring Divisions must follow strict guidelines. Some guidelines are due to WAKO’s association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC):
  • Register an annual WAKO Membership Fee of $15
  • Elbow Pads required
  • Closed Fingered Gloves required
  • Face masks required for Children Age (7-9yrs) and Younger Cadets (10-12yrs)
 Winning your division at this Regional Championship will deem divisional winners as WAKO Regional Champions (earning pristine WAKO Regional Champion Award) and earn them seeds in the 2020 WAKO USA NATIONALS which takes place in Kansas City,MO each year. From there, if you win NATIONALS competitors earn a spot on the WAKO USA NATIONAL TEAM which goes on to compete every other year at the WAKO JUNIOR WORLDS (every even year) or WAKO SENIOR WORLDS (every odd year).
Regulation Rounds for WAKO West Coast Point Fighting Divisions are as follows:
  • Children Age (7-9yrs): 2 rounds x 1:30 minutes
  • Younger Cadets (10-12yrs): 2 rounds x 1:30 minutes
  • Older Cadets (13-15yrs): 2 rounds x 2 minutes
  • Junior Cadets (16-18yrs): 3 rounds x 2 minutes
  • Seniors (19-40yrs): 3 rounds x 2 minutes
  • Veterans (41yrs+): 2 rounds x 2 minutes
The Official WAKO Weight Classes will be offered at the WESTERN STATE NATIONALS & WAKO West Coast Regional Championships on August 24, 2019:

Children Age [CH] (7-9yrs)

  • Boys: -24kg, -27kg, -30kg, -33kg, -36kg, +36kg
  • Girls: -24kg, -27kg, -30kg, -33kg, -36kg, +36kg

Younger Cadets [YC] (10-12yrs)

  • Boys: -28kg, -32kg, -37kg, -42kg, -47kg, +47kg
  • Girls: -28kg, -32kg, -37kg, -42kg, -47kg, +47kg

Older Cadets [OC] (13-15yrs)

  • Boys: -32kg, -37kg, -42kg, -47kg, -52kg, -57kg, -63kg, -69kg, +69kg
  • Girls: -32kg, -37kg, -42kg, -46kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, +65kg

Juniors (16-18yrs)

  • Male: -57kg, -63kg, -69kg, -74kg, -79kg, -84kg, -89kg, -94kg, +94kg
  • Female: -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg

Seniors (19-40yrs)

  • Men: -57kg, -63kg, -69kg, -74kg, -79kg, -84kg, -89kg, -94kg, +94kg
  • Women: -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg

Veterans Master Class (41-55yrs)

  • Men: -63kg, -74kg, -84kg, -94kg, +94kg
  • Women: -55kg, -65kg, +65kg


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