Get ready for a Thrilling 2018 Regular Season at League sanctioned competitions in the Northern California Conference! The League Governing Body is introducing brand new Elimination Formats for both Kata and Point Sparring Divisions at various Events.

Traditionally, Open Martial Art Tournaments feature Standard Kata Elimination and Single Elimination Sparring Divisions.

For Kata, the Standard Format is every competitor performs their Kata one time each and receives a number score. The top three highest total scores receives placing awards.

For Point Sparring, the Single Elimination format has half the participants eliminated after one round and round winners advance to the next few rounds until there is only one competitor left, thus determining the divisional winner. 

The League in 2018 will feature three new Elimination concepts to its Regular Season schedule: (1) Single Elimination Head-To-Head Kata, (2) 3-Match Minimum Kata/Sparring Elimination, and (3) Double Elimination Point Sparring.

Single Elimination Head-To-Head Kata: Kata Competitors will be randomly paired versus other divisional competitors in a Single Elimination Head-To-Head Bracket.  Competitors in each head-to-head pairing will perform their kata once and judges will score each performance as they typically do utilizing the League’s Kata Scoresheet system. After both competitors have performed their kata, each of the 3 judges will raise the colored flag of the competitor they scored highest. Each Head-To-Head Kata matchup will have the winner moving on to the next round. The round winner may use the same Kata OR use a different Kata in the next round. [Event: April 14th WARRIORS OF THE RING]  Head To Head Single Elimination Bracket Example

3 Match Minimum Kata & Sparring: The 3 Match Minimum is an elimination format where divisional competitors will compete in at least three head-to-head matchups. The format is similar to double elimination. There’s a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket, the main difference being competitors that lose their first two matchups will get to play an extra head-to-head round in the loser’s bracket in order to assure everyone gets to compete three times. [Event: July 14th MARTIAL ARTS JAMBOREE] 3 Match Guarantee Bracket Example

Blind Draw Double Elimination Point SparringTo be eliminated in Double Elimination Format a competitor must lose two times. Everyone starts in the Winner’s Bracket. Upon defeat, a competitor will move to the loser’s bracket where they will battle their way to play in the Divisional Championship Match, in which they must defeat the winner’s bracket champion twice. This will be a Blind Draw Double Elimination format.  [Event: Jun 23rd HEATWAVE CHAMPIONSHIPS & Aug 18th CAL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS]  Double Elimination Bracket Example

  • Jan 27              ERUPTION CHAMPIONSHIPS: Standard Format Kata & Single Elimination Point Sparring
  • Mar 10              SHARK CITY NATIONALS: Standard Format Kata & Single Elimination Point Sparring
  • Apr 14              WARRIORS OF THE RING: Head-To-Head Kata Elimination & Single Elimination Point Sparring
  • May 19              UNITY CHAMPIONSHIPS: Standard Format Kata & Single Elimination Point Sparring
  • Jun 23              HEATWAVE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Standard Format Kata & Double Elimination Point Sparring
  • Jul 14               MARTIAL ARTS JAMBOREE: 3-Match Minimum Kata & 3-Match Minimum Sparring 
  • Aug 18               CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Standard Format Kata & Double Elimination Point Sparring 


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