The League relies on a large network of volunteers to help with its efficient operation. These include Dojo Parents, Professionals in the Community, Black Belt Instructors, Teen Scholar Athletes and League Alumni to help the operation thrive and facilitate the incredible competition throughout the competition season. There are a variety of ways to get involved with The League:

Tournament Judge: The League constantly seeks out new Judges to give competitors the opportunity to test their martial art skills at tournaments. While experience is preferred, no experience is required and we will train you to be an effective judge.

Tournament Scorekeeper: Not ready to be a judge? You can help make sure the tournaments run smoothly by helping us run one of our Rings as a Scorekeeper. Help us tally Kata Scores, Operate Scoreboards during sparring matches, assist Ring Coordinators record Divisional Results, and help keep the tournament day flowing.

The League’s goal in 2018 is to support the ongoing development of judging and scorekeeping with the intention of increasing the number of trained and certified judges for all championship and local level competitions.

With the increased number of tournaments across the U.S. there is a shortage judges/scorekeepers.

But why should you become a Referee Volunteer? 

  • Provides you with a better understanding of the game your child loves.
  • Exercise. Moving around the ring during sparring is a fantastic way to get your daily steps in to keep in shape.
  • Best seat in the house. Referees get the best seat in the house for watching competition as your are directly in the front row of action!
  • Refereeing is FUN! Fun comes from moving around the ring within arms reach of thrilling sparring matches. To others, fun comes from controlling the match so the participants can play to their potential.
  • Learn to be Calm, Cool, Collected. The referee can never lose his/her cool when everybody around the officials are losing theirs. Successful Refs are calm, cool, and collected and bring that approach to other aspects of their lives.
  • You get to look sharp! League officials must adhere to the pressed Button Up Top, Bow Tie, and sleek Black Slacks dress code. There’s nothing like competitors taking pictures with such professional looking Referees that will go viral on social media after a division is complete.
  •  You Meet Wonderful People. The best part of officiating is meeting some of the most colorful people. See recognizable faces on the street, add new contacts on social media, and broaden your network of friends. Keep an open mind of the many wonderful people that refereeing can bring into your life.
  • It’s better than sitting around the bleachers all day.

How do I Sign Up To Become A Referee? 

  • Email us at & and let us know you are interested in becoming a Certified Official
  • Let us know your: Your Location, which Conference you can assist, which events you can attend to help, any previous experience
  • We will contact you shortly and inform you about several Certification Opportunities to get you apart of our Officiating Staff

Why we encourage Teenagers (16yrs+) to become Referees? 

  • Builds Character. Becoming a Referee is a huge responsibility. It requires Dedication, Commitment, and is demanding both physically and emotionally. Completing an entire season of officiating creates a mountain of situational experience. For young people entering the work force, they could not ask for better resume building material. There are many instances where coaches disagree with calls. This type of confrontational training is exactly what young people need and what employers seek. Teens will learn how to be in charge and keep a clear head in pressure situations.
  • Builds Contacts. As a young Referee you are thrust into the world of Adults. You’ll be managed by the Center Referee and Ring Coordinator and through games get to know Coaches. You will meet hundreds of competitors and other staff as well. You’ll be placed in an environment where there is time to network and to know others working towards similar goals. One can never have enough contacts, especially at an early age.
  • Keeps Teens Active. Sometimes, teens dont want to compete anymore but want to stay involved in the martial arts competition. Perhaps their competition days are over but they want to use their skills and knowledge they have gained to the benefit of others. What better way than becoming a Referee Official! Time will need to be spent studying the Rulebook, travelling to competitions, and prioritizing other recreational activities. All this is time well spent rather than binge watching Netflix shows or hanging with the wrong crowds.



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