The League would like to Congratulate all the competitors who participated in World League Finals XIII.

The Wild West was the scene for some very competitive shootouts and when the dust cleared the martial artists below were recognized as the top placing finishers in each of their respective divisions.


Team Sparring:

Chess-2:               1st– Team Cantrelle          2nd– Taylor’s M.A.             3rd– RCMA/Tobin’s Elite

Chess-3:               1st– Team Dumlao’s         2nd– Team Cantrelle         3rd– Tobin’s Elite

DTS-1:                   1st– Team Alchemy           2nd– Team Alchemy          3rd– Team Dumlao’s

DTS-2:                   1st– Team Alchemy           2nd– Team Dumlao’s        3rd– Team Ezra

DTS-3:                   1st– Team Jethouse          2nd-Tobin’s Elite                3rd– Team Dumlao’s

DTS-4:                   1st– Arellano/Pastor                              2nd– Serafico/Roberts


Continuous Sparring:

CS-1:      1st– Christian Alvarado                    2nd– Elijah Ray Priego       3rd– Axel  Rodriguez

CS-2:      1st– Manny Aguilar                           2nd– Essien Gagnon          3rd– Miguel Garcia Java/Xavier Trigo

CS-3:      1st– Valentin Gomez Ricks

CS-4:      1st– Sammy Volynsky-Krug           2nd– Isaac Torres                3rd– Victor Montanez

CS-5:      1st– Sudan Holland                            2nd– Jaden Tiu

CS-6:      1st– Bo Volynsky-Krug                     2nd– Cody Almeida

CS-7:      1st– Andrew Aviles                           2nd– Branson Harward     3rd– Allen Michael Renobato

CS-8:      1st– Isaiah Nuval                               2nd– Jose Reaxch

CS-9:      1st– Alex Sen

CS-10:   1st– TJ Carothers                              2nd– Dimitry Voytenko    3rd– John Cole

CS-11:   1st– Alexis Aying                             2nd– Alexa De La O            3rd– Mayalanni Erediano

CS-13:   1st– Makayla Lovan                           2nd– Kaliya Sunga               3rd– Angelica Joseph

CS-15:   1st– Jack LaCorte

CS-16:   1st– Emillio Trevino


Flag Sparring:

Flag-1:   1st– Dominic LeFevre

Flag-2:   1st– Camila Campos                          2nd– Dawson Erickson

Flag-4:   1st– Easton Howe                              2nd– Dorian Campos


First Timer’s:

FTK-1:   1st– Camila Campos                          2nd– Jacob Axe                   3rd– Romeo Martinez

FTK-3:   1st– Angel Martinez                          2nd– Joe McCollam            3rd– Jesus Burreto

FTW-1:  1st– Camila Campos

FTW-3:  1st– Abigail Mahan

FTC-1:   1st– Jacky Aguilar                               2nd-Camila Campos          3rd– Esteban Delgado

FTB-1:   1st– Romeo Martinez                       2nd– Jacob Axe                   3rd– Elijah Ceja

FTB-2:   1st– Ethan Lingad                               2nd– Cayden Krattli

FTB-3:   1st– Jesus Burreto                             2nd– Joe McCollam

FTG-1:   1st– Camila Campos

FTG-2:   1st– Makaela Nuval                           2nd– Rihanna Nuval

FTG-3:   1st– Zarina Ceja                                  2nd– Julianna Spagnola


Traditional Katas:

K-1:        1st– Demi Rodriguez                         2nd– Kasen Jensen            3rd– Esteban Delgado

K-3:        1st– Heru Lillie

K-5:        1st– Axel Rodriguez                          2nd– Adriana Troutman   3rd– Jaden Axe

K-6:        1st– Caydence Porter                       2nd– Manny Aguilar          3rd– Caydence Porter

K-8:        1st– Matteo Estrellado                    2nd– Aditya Aiyer               3rd– Tyler Pintor

K-9:        1st– Reina Fermin

K-12:      1st– Acacia Combs                             2nd– Jaydon Holland         3rd– Eric Rodriguez

K-13:      1st– Danica Renobato                      2nd– Kiya Jensen                                3rd– Elijah Ray

K-16:      1st– AJ Martin                                     2nd– Madeline Young       3rd– Jaycee Spring

K-18:      1st– Chad Colvin

K-19:      1st– Emmanuel Perez                      2nd– Victoria Voytenko   3rd– Cavier Galbert

K-20:      1st– Danae Rodriguez                      2nd– Danalee Levfre         3rd– Oscar Rios

K-21:      1st– Dorian Campos                          2nd– Alexandra Torres     3rd– Sammy Volynsky –Krug

K-22:      1st– Francesca Yamo                        2nd– Kieler Hyllested        3rd– Austin McGallion

K-23:      1st– Emmanuel Perez                      2nd– Victoria Voytenko   3rd– Isaac Torres

K-24:      1st– Maddie Pintor                            2nd– Ananya Aiyer             3rd– Tiare Chen

K-25:      1st– Nevaeh Escario                          2nd– Cole Porter                 3rd– Tanya Pinthapataya

K-26:      1st– Christopher Blanco                  2nd– Natalie Ramos

K-27:      1st– Brielle Hipolito                           2nd– Emma Demblewski

K-28:      1st– Dominic Glasson                       2nd– Miriam Pippin            3rd– Jaasai Villa

K-29:      1st– Maximo Torres                          2nd– Cole Brandon            3rd– Bo Volynsky-Krug

K-30:      1st– Christina Subonj                        2nd– Jesse Dedmon          3rd– Jose Alvarado

K-31:      1st– Emma Lovan                               2nd– Paolo Serafico           3rd– Brielle Hipolito

K-32:      1st– Jessie Aten

K-33:      1st– Sydney Isaac

K-34:      1st– Je’lyne Lillie

K-35:      1st– Samantha Tran                          2nd– Gavin Rentmeister  3rd– Janet Vo

K-36:      1st– Joseph Stone                             2nd– Elyssa Myers              3rd– Taylor Albee

K-37:      1st– Kennedy Cartagena                 2nd– Donovan Ruble         3rd– Ethan Weinert

K-38:      1st– Dimitry Voytenko                     2nd– Chelcy Joseph           3rd– Ariel Kamat

K-39:      1st– Branson Harward                      2nd– Dennis Byerly            3rd– Brandt Bolduc

K-43:      1st– Yaresi Perez

K-44:      1st– Christopher Clark

K-45:      1st– Scott Corder

K-46:      1st– Elaie McGallion                          2nd– Dominique Hart

K-47:      1st– Samuel Pforts                            2nd– Mike Guido                                3rd– Tracy Armstead

K-48:      1st– Chelsea Clark                              2nd– Mara Hipolito

K-49:      1st– Tracy Armstead                         2nd– Samuel Pforts

K-50:      1st– Chelsea Clark

K-52:      1st– Jeff Lillie                                       2nd– Juanita Terry

K-53:      1st– Donnie Hinman

K-55:      1st– Steve Basegio

K-57:      1st– Jim Dedmon


Traditional Weapons:

W-1:      1st– Acacia Coombs                          2nd– Axel Rodriguez         3rd– Valentin Gomez Ricks

W-2:      1st– Danica Renobato                      2nd– Reina Fermin             3rd– Kayven Sellers

W-3:      1st– Essien Gagnon

W-5:      1st– Donalee Lefevre                       2nd– Rylee Huey

W-6:      1st– Bo Volynsky-Krug                     2nd– Sammy Volynsky-Krug          3rd– Alexis Souza

W-7:      1st– Jesse Dedmon                           2nd– Natalie Ramos

W-8:      1st– Emma Lovan                               2nd– Emmanuel Perez                     3rd– Paolo Serafico

W-9:      1st– Sabrena Johnson                      2nd– Christian Ford

W-10:    1st– Ayman Ruiz                                 2nd– Donovan Ruble                         3rd– Ethan Weinert

W-11:    1st– Dennis Byerly                             2nd– Janet Vo

W-12:    1st– Scott Corder                               2nd– Christopher Clark

W-13:    1st– Mike Guido                                 2nd– Sam Pfort

W-14:    1st– Jim Dedmon                               2nd– Anthony Allen


Creative Extreme Kata:

C-1:        1st– Axel Rodriguez                          2nd– Adriana Troutman   3rd– Kasen Jensen

C-2:        1st– Manny Aguilar                           2nd– Elijah Ray Priego       3rd– Kiya Jensen

C-3:        1st– Christian Alvarado                    2nd– Miguel Garcia Java

C-5:        1st– Danae Rodriguez                      2nd– Cameron Sharp

C-6:        1st– Victor Montanez                       2nd– Kendall Howe            3rd– Dorian Campos

C-7:        1st– Andrew Aviles                           2nd– Kieler Hyllested

C-8:        1st– Braxton Horta                            2nd– Paolo Serafico           3rd– Isaac Torres

C-10:      1st– Donovan Ruble

C-11:      1st– Alex Garza                                   2nd– Keilan Horta               3rd– Branson Harward

C-12:      1st– Scott Corder

C-13:      1st– Paige Bantum


Musical Extreme Kata:

MK-1:    1st– Hager Howe                                                2nd– Axel Rodriguez         3rd– Kasen Jensen

MK-2:    1st– Manny Aguilar                           2nd– Elijah Ray Priego       3rd– Kayven Sellers

MK-3:    1st– Christian Alvarado                    2nd– Miguel Garcia Java

MK-5:    1st– Cameron Sharp

MK-6:    1st– Kendall Howe                             2nd– Dorian Campos         3rd– Chance Porter

MK-7:    1st– Kieler Hyllested                         2nd– Andrew Aviles

MK-8:    1st– Alexa De La O                             2nd– Paolo Serafico           3rd– Isaac Torres

MK-10: 1st– Donovan Ruble

MK-11: 1st– Alex Garza                                   2nd– Brandt Bolduc           3rd– Keilan Horta

MK-13: 1st-Paige Bantum                              2nd– Tracy Armstead

MK-14: 1st– Tracy Armstead                         2nd– Nathan Fort


Creative Extreme Weapons:

CW-1:    1st– Adriana Troutman                    2nd– Acacia Coombs         3rd– Stone Coombs

CW-2:    1st– Kiya Jensen                                 2nd– Sasha Hamblin

CW-3:    1st– Christian Alvarado

CW-5:    1st– Cameron Sharp                         2nd– Danae Rodriguez

CW-6:    1st– Kendall Howe                             2nd– Dorian Campos         3rd– Micah Holstein

CW-7:    1st– Kieler Hyllested                         2nd– Jose Reaxch               3rd– Jesse Dedmon

CW-8:    1st– Aidan Fort                                    2nd– Alexa De La O            3rd– Brielle Hipolito

CW-10: 1st– Donovan Ruble

CW-11: 1st– Noah Fort                                    2nd– Skye Byerly                                3rd– Connor Brennan

CW-12: 1st– Christopher Clark

CW-14: 1st– Nathan Fort


Team Katas:

STK-1:   1st– Team Kickstart                           2nd– Team Nunley’s         3rd– Team RCMA

STK-2:   1st– Team Fort                                    2nd– Team Kickstart

Musical Extreme Weapons:

MW-1:  1st– Jeremy Magtoto                       2nd– Acacia Coombs         3rd– Axel Rodriguez

MW-2:  1st– Kiya Jensen                                 2nd– Danica Renobato     3rd– Kayven Sellers

MW-3: 1st– Christian Alvarado

MW-5:  1st– Cameron Sharp                         2nd– Abigail Mahan

MW-6:  1st– Dorian Campos                          2nd– Kendall Howe            3rd– Micah Holstein

MW-7:  1st– Jesse Dedmon                           2nd– Kieler Hyllested

MW-8:  1st– Aidan Fort                                    2nd– Braxton Horta           3rd– Emma Lovan

MW-9:  1st– Elyssa Myers

MW-10: 1st– Donovan Ruble

MW-11: 1st– Noah Fort                                   2nd– Keilan Horta               3rd– Skye Byerly

MW-13: 1st– Trace Megellas

MW-14: 1st Nathan Fort


Junior Girls Point Sparring:

GS-1:     1st– Jacky Aguilar                               2nd– Demi Rodriguez

GS-2:     1st– Jaden Axe                                    2nd– Haley Fabela              3rd– Amri Johnson/Caylie Menses

GS-3:     1st– Caydence Porter

GS-4:     1st– Jennifer Navarette                  2nd– Ruby Arellano           3rd– Addie McMichael/Acacia Coombs

GS-5:     1st– Emily Torres                                                2nd– Lauryn Dumlao

GS-7:     1st– Danae Rodriguez                      2nd– Lara Pippin                  3rd– Danalee Le Fevre

GS-8:     1st– Gianni Rodriguez                      2nd– Alexandra Torres     3rd– Dorian Campos

GS-9:     1st– Caydence Johnson

GS-10:   1st– Alexa DeLa O                              2nd– Victoria Voytenko   3rd– Mayalanni Erediano

GS-11:   1st– Miriam Pippin                             2nd– Marisa Aten               3rd– Maddie Pintor/Rylee Huey

GS-12:   1st– Tanya Pinthapataya                 2nd– Alexis Souza               3rd– Kendall Howe/Lillian Mahan

GS-13:   1st– Christina Subonj                        2nd– Angelicia Coe             3rd– Natalie Ramos

GS-14:   1st– Alexis Aying                              2nd– Jessica Silva                3rd– Emma Demblewski

GS-15:  1st- Laura Riley                               2nd- Elyssa Myers               3rd- Angelica Joseph

GS-16:   1st– Sydney Isaac

GS-17:   1st– Kaliya Sunga                              2nd– Je’lyne Lillie                3rd– Jodi Bryant

GS-18:   1st– Alyssa Dumlao                              2nd– Elizabeth Garcia                3rd– Makayla Lovan                              


Junior Boys Point Sparring:

BS-1:      1st– Gabriel Partida-Sandoval       2nd– Kasen Jensen            3rd– Esteban Delgado/Gavin Harper

BS-2:      1st– Axel Rodriguez          2nd– Hager Howe               3rd– Jeremy Magtoto/Dibiase McKay Angel

BS-3:      1st– Manny Aguilar           2nd– Christian Alvarado   3rd– Heru Lillie/ Mathius McKay Angel

BS-4:      1st– Jaydon Holland          2nd– Valentine Gomez Ricks         3rd– Mark Martinez/Xavier Trigo

BS-5:      1st– Elijah Ray Priego        2nd– Gabriel Delgado       3rd– Miguel Garcia Java/Essein Gagnon

BS-7:      1st– Sudan Holland            2nd– Oscar Rios                   3rd– Matthew Decambra/Connor Crousore

BS-8:      1st– Victor Montanez       2nd– Sammy Volynsky Krug           3rd– Juan Rufino/Christian Quindipan

BS-9:      1st– Chad Colvin                 2nd– Kieler Hyllested        3rd– Austin McGallion

BS-10:   1st– Cavier Galbert            2nd– Isaac Torres                3rd– Jaden Tiu/Charlie Mendoza

BS-11:   1st– Dominic Glasson       2nd– Khaaliq Parker Thomas          3rd– Jaasai Villa

BS-12:   1st– Cole Brandon             2nd– Maximo Torres         3rd– Cole  Porter

BS-13:   1st– Andrew Aviles             2nd– Jose Reaxch               3rd– Christopher Blanco

BS-14:   1st– Isaiah Nuval                                2nd– Paolo Serafico

BS-15:   1st– Josh Tuana                              2nd– Joseph Stone                3rd– Ismael Palma

BS-16:   1st– Kennedy Cartagena                2nd– Ethan Chao                

BS-17:   1st– TJ Carothers                              2nd– Ayman Ruiz                3rd– Dimitry Voytenko

BS-18:   1st– Quinland Pastor                              2nd– Osvaldo Arellano                3rd– James Roberts IV


Adult Point Sparring:

MS-2:  1st– Jordan Pullman            2nd– Jeff Lillie                3rd– Scott Corder/Luis Torres

MS-3:  1st– Jack LaCorte            2nd– Elgie McGallion                3rd– Dominique Hart

MS-5:    1st– Richard Mendez

MS-7:    1st– Kelly Miller                  2nd– Talib Hasan

MS-8:    1st– Tracy Armstead

MS-9:    1st– Mike Guido                 2nd– Patrick Anderson

MS-10:  1st– Anthony Allen            2nd– Larry Garcia                3rd– Ken Wentz

MS-11:  1st– Paul Mendoza            2nd– Derrick Wilson           3rd– Sylvester Youngblood/Ismael Gonzalez

WS-1:  1st– Tina Johnson            2nd– Jasmine Marquez                

WS-2:  1st– Juanita Terry

WS-4:  1st– Yaresi Perez

WS-5:  1st– Regena Singleton



Royal Crown Divisions:

RCK-1A:                               1st– Danica Renobato      2nd– Elijah Ray                     3rd– Manny Aguilar

RCK-1C:                                1st– Manny Aguilar           2nd– Christian Alvarado   3rd– Emily Torres

RCK-2C:                                1st– Alexa De La O             2nd– Isaac Torres                3rd– Kieler Hyllested

RCK-2D:                1st– Aiden Fort                   2nd– Isaac Torres                3rd– Kieler Hyllested

RCK-3A:                                1st– Paolo Serafico            2nd– Lillian Mahan

RCK-3B:                                1st– Jesse Dedmon           2nd– Lillian Mahan

RCK-3C:                                1st– Lillian Mahan

RCK-3D:                1st– Jesse Dedmon           2nd– Lillian Mahan

RCK-4A:                                1st– Branson Harward      2nd– Quinland Pastor

RCK-4D:                1st– Noah Fort                    2nd– Keilan Horta

RCK-5A:                                1st– Mike Guido                 2nd– Sam Pfort                    3rd– Tracy Armstead

RCK-5B:                                1st– Sam Pfort                     2nd– Jim Dedmon

RCS-1:       1st– Manny Aguilar          2nd– Axel Rodriguez                3rd– Christian Alvarado/Ryan Decambra

RCS-3:       1st– Isaac Torres          2nd– Jaden Tiu                3rd– Victor Montanez/Matthew DeCambra

RCS-4:       1st– Alexa De La O          2nd– Bellen Torres                3rd– Mayalanni Erediano/Yaira Zavala

RCS-5:       1st– Isaiah Nuval          2nd– Paolo Serafico                3rd– Cody Almeida

RCS-6:       1st– Alexis Aying          2nd– Lillian Mahan                




9yrs- Underbelt Kata Grand:                       Danica Renobato

10-13yrs Underbelt Kata Grand:                                Maximo Torres

14-17yrs Underbelt Kata Grand:                Kennedy Cartagena

13yrs- Black Belt Kata Grand:                      Braxton Horta

14-17yrs Black Belt Kata Grand:                  Noah Fort

Adult Black Belt Kata Grand:                        Samuel Pfort

Adult Black Belt Creative Grand:                                Mike Guido

18yrs+ Women’s Sparring Grand:              Yaresi Perez

18-29yrs Men’s Black Belt Sparring:          Richard Mendez

30yrs+ Men’s Black Belt Sparring:             Paul Mendoza

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