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The LEAGUE certainly hopes all circuit followers are enjoying a splendid Holiday off season nearly three weeks after the completion of WORLD LEAGUE FINALS XII.

The staff has been working diligently on the upcoming 2017 Regular Season Schedule. We will be posting a complete schedule in the coming weeks.

We have initiated several Rule Additions and Changes as well as implemented New Divisions for 2017 including Doubles Sparring, First Timers Creative Katas, increased age groupings in Chess Sparring & Flag Sparring, and revised age groupings in Point Sparring.

Please check the New League Divisional Page below for the 2017 League Divisions: 2017 LEAGUE DIVISIONAL FORM


Additionally, please check out New Rules that have been added to the League Rulebook.

Here is a link to the 2017 League Rulebook: 2017 League Rulebook

A summary of the New Rules are listed below:



  • No Coaching Timeouts are allowed in the Regular Season or Finals


  • A competitor cannot score a point if they fall after connecting on a scoring hit (i.e. Diving Forward and Falling after a Hand Attack/Blitz OR Falling after a fading defensive kick, etc.). 
  • If the impact of equal collision causes the scoring player to fall after a scoring hit then the score will not be counted. 
  • “Falling” is defined as a knee, elbow, or gluteus hitting the ground. A Hand On The Ground is still deemed upright and is legal
  • If a player is pushed/thrown down by the opponent after a scoring hit and the scoring player falls then this rule does not apply and the player’s score will be counted


  • Any player willingly and voluntarily exiting out of the ring without being “Forced Out” during live action will have one point awarded to their opponent. No Warnings will be issued and the point will automatically be awarded to the opponent. 
  • An “Exit” is defined as a player having at least one entire foot stepping out of bounds without re-establishing themselves in the ring of play within the allotted 2 seconds Out Of Bounds Countdown. 
  • A player who has both feet entirely out of bounds without being forced out will receive an Exit Penalty and has no opportunity to re-establish themselves back in the ring of play. A majority vote of the officials must see call this both feel out exit penalty.
  • If a player lunges forward in an attacking motion and connects on a scoring hit first and then steps out of bounds afterwards, this Exit Rule does not apply and the scoring hit will count. 
    • If the player lunges forward and misses on a scoring hit and steps out of bounds and does not re-establish themselves then an Exit Penalty will be issued
  • Once a Player steps out of bounds with at least one foot, they have 2 seconds to re-establish themselves back in the ring of play by getting both feet back in bounds by the 1 second arm count from the center ref OR must execute 2 fighting stance bounces 
  • A Player will be disqualified after 4 Exit Penalties
  • If a Player is Forced Out (i.e. Punched or Kicked out of bounds by their opponent) this DOES NOT count as an EXIT. 
  • An Exit Penalty will be signaled by judges by waving 5 fingers in a downward swaying motion below the hip. A majority of judges (two out of three judges) must call the Exit Penalty. A center judge alone may not issue an Exit Penalty.

CONTINUOUS SPARRING EQUIPMENT: 12 oz. Closed Fingered Gloves & Head Gear

  • Closed Fingered 12oz. Gloves must be used. No Open Fingered Gloves are allowed
  • Head Gear that cover the cheek bone area must be used OR Head Gear with Plastic Face Mask. No Metal Caged Masks are allowed.

CONTINUOUS SPARRING: Continuation Position

  • For any Stoppage Of Play during a Continuous Round, the match will continue exactly where the fighters are positioned in the ring of play before the initial stoppage.
  • There will be no reset to the center fight line unless both fighters exit out the ring 


  • If there is a Tie after two continuous rounds, there will be a third round of 30 seconds. In the event of a second tie after the Over Time Round, the Center Judge will determine the winner based upon the action in the overtime round



  • A New Scoring Sheet will be created to Score Self Defense.
  • Scoring aspects to be included will be
    • (1) Realism/Intensity (0 to 3) [Are Attacks authentic & threatening? Are Self Defense moves authentic?]
    • (2) Effectiveness (0 to 2) [Would Self Defense Moves really work?]
    • (3) Difficulty (0 to 2) [How challenging are Attacks vs. How sophisticated are counters?]
    • (4) Technique (0 to 3) [Did competitor display a variety of Techniques including Blocking, Jamming, Throwing Opponent Off Balance, and Evasion? Did competitor display a variety of counter attacks?] 


  • Eyeglass Spectacles are not allowed
  • A player may wear Prescription Sport Goggles or Eye Contact Lens



  • All Fighters (Continuous, Teams, Point) must wear a Groin Cup and will be checked at the beginning of each division



  • All Side Judges will perform a Fighter Equipment Check for All Fighters at the Fight Line before the beginning of each match. They will check for:
    • 1: Head Gear. Gear is strapped and fitted snug on the fighter
    • 2: No Jewelry. No earrings, bracelets, or necklaces allowed.
    • 3: Mouth Guard. Every fighter must wear a mouth piece.
    • 4: Hand Gear. All fingers must fit snug into the hand and strapped on.
    • 5: Groin Cup. Fighters will be asked to knock on their groin cup and prove they are wearing a protector.
    • 6: Feet Gear. Toes must be covered and not sticking out and gear strapped on snug.
  • Any gear with loose Velcro will not be allowed and gear must be replaced
  • Any violation of the above Equipment Check, fighters will be given 2 minutes to get the appropriate equipment to the level of approval of The League
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