Below are the updated Triple Crown Standings in the 2016 Regular Season for the Northern California Elite Conference and the Lone Star Conference. A competitor needs to win (3) Three Grand Champion Wins in the four listed tournaments to win a Championship Crown at the World League Finals XII in Reno,NV.


Congratulations to the 2016 League Triple Crown Winners listed below!! These 11 amazing martial art competitors won 3 out of 4 Grand Champion Divisions in both the Northern California ELITE Conference and Lone Star Conference in the 2016 League Regular Season.

They will be awarded their majestic Triple Crown Award at the WORLD LEAGUE FINALS XII in October!! Join us in applauding their incredible accomplishments!!

9&under Intermediate Traditional Kata Reina Fermin
18yrs+ Nov/Int/Adv Traditional Kata Steve Basegio
18yrs+ Black Belt Traditional Kata Todd Dunphy
14-17yrs All Ranks Traditional Weapon Ethan Weinert
14-17yrs All Ranks Creative/Musical Hana Dvorak
Boys 12-13yrs Point Sparring Isaiah Nuval
Boys 14-17yrs Point Sparring QJ Pastor
Girls 12-13yrs Point Sparring Leah Miyamoto
Girls 14-17yrs Point Sparring Alyssa Dumlao
Jr Adv Katas: Thomas Saenz
Jr BB Katas: Alex Mancillas

TRIPLE CROWN SERIES: Northern California Conference

1. Shark City Nationals Feb 27th (Complete)
2. Victory Games May 21st (Complete)
3. UNITY Championships Aug 20th (Complete)

4. Cal State Championships Sept 17th (Complete)


GK-01            9&under Beginner Traditional Kata            Tyler Pintor (1), Nolan Nilsson (1), Violet Thornburg (1). Lorenzo Sing (1)

GK-02            9&under Intermediate Traditional Kata            Reina Fermin (3), Kaitlyn Garcia (1)

GK-03           9&under Adv/Black Belt Traditional Kata     Ace Rozales (1)

GK-04            10-13yrs Beginner Traditional Kata            Ananya Aiyer (2), Alexis Souza (1), Victoria Garcia (1)

GK-05            10-13yrs Intermediate Traditional Kata            Milan Mitchell (1), Myles Mitchell (2), Zakina Pierce (1)

GK-06            10-13yrs Adv/Blk Traditional Kata                        Jesus Barragan (2), Bella Cullen (1), Sofia Campos (1)

GK-07            14-17yrs All Ranks Traditional Kata            Rochelle Espinosa (1), Hana Dvorak (2), Brandon Aquino (1)

GK-08            18yrs+ Nov/Int/Adv Traditional Kata            Darryl Disanto (1), Steve Basegio (3)

GK-09            18yrs+ Black Belt Traditional Kata                        Todd Dunphy (3), Adryanne Angat (1)

GK-10            13yrs & Under All Belts Open/Weapon            Rene Venegas (1), Nolan Nilsson (1), Sofia Aquino (1), Jesus Barragan (1)

GK-11            14-17yrs All Ranks Traditional Weapon            Ethan Weinert (3)

GK-12            13yrs & Under All Belts Creative/Musical            Nolan Nilsson (2), Chloe Porria (1), Noah Fort (1)

GK-13            14-17yrs All Ranks Creative/Musical            Hana Dvorak (3)

GK-14            18yrs+ Creative/Musical                                     Todd Dunphy (2), Nathan Fort (1)

GK-15            13yrs & Under All Belts Creative/Musical            Jesus Dela Cruz (1), Nolan Nilsson (1), Sofia Aquino (1), Noah Fort (1)

GK-16           14-17yrs Creative/Musical Weapon              Hana Dvorak (3)

GK-17            18yrs+ Creative/Musical Weapon                        Jim Dedmon (1), Todd Dunphy (2)

GS-18            Boys 9&under Point Sparring                        Jesus Dela Cruz (1), Capone Lirufau (1), Jaden Tiu (2)

GS-19            Boys 10-11yrs Point Sparring                        Myles Mitchell (1), Angel Woo (2), Noah Bonifacio (1)

GS-20            Boys 12-13yrs Point Sparring                        Isaiah Nuval (3), Jibril Omer (1)

GS-21            Boys 14-17yrs Point Sparring                        QJ Pastor (3), TJ Carothers (1)

GS-22            Girls 9&under Point Sparring                        Lara Pippin (1), Giana Marcantonio (1), Bonnie Stottlemyer (1), Megan Minamoto (1)

GS-23            Girls 10-11yrs Point Sparring                        Alexis Aying (1), Mayalanni Erediano (2), Caydence Johnson (1)

GS-24            Girls 12-13yrs Point Sparring                        Leah Miyamoto (3), Zakina Pierce (1)

GS-25            Girls 14-17yrs Point Sparring                        Alyssa Dumlao (3), Kaliyah Sunga (1)

GS-26            Men’s 18yrs+ Nov/Int/Adv Point Sparring            Garrett Sullivan (1), D’Rail Caldwell (1), Larry McMichael (1)

GS-27            Men’s 18yrs+ Black Belt Point Sparring            John Barksdale (1), Bryan Young (1), Sylvester Youngblood (1)

GS-28            Women’s 18yrs+ All Ranks Point Sparring            Rachel Bryant (1), Jasmine Miyamoto (1)


TRIPLE CROWN SERIES: Lone Star Conference

1. TKO Kickoff Jan 30th 
2. Centex Open April 16th 
3. Gulf Coast Championship July 2nd
4. TForce Internationals Aug 13th 

Adult Women Black Belt Sparring: Karen Schroeder (2), Kiki Daniels (2)

Adult Men Black Belt Sparring: Vito Rodriguez (2), Isaac Moreno (1), Josiah Nunley (1)

Jr Beginner Katas: Ruben Trevino (1), Nicholas Torres (1), Venicia Rodriguez (1)

Jr Intermediate Katas: Diego Gomez (1), Andres Espinoza (1), Levi Villareal (1)

Jr Adv Katas: Thomas Saenz (4)

Jr BB Katas: Alex Mancillas (3), Peyton Fury (1)

Adult Black Belt Katas: Tracy Armstead (1), Clarissa Villanueva (2), William Shelton (1)

Adult Under Belt Katas: Jeffery Helper (1), Eduardo Gonzalez (1)


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